My upcoming book Ham Banjarey Loag

My first Urdu poetry book “Hum Banajarey Loag” or  “Us Nomads” is under publication. Here is the title poem along with its English translation. English translation is just for online audience and will not be part of the book. Us Nomads Slowly and Gradually we turned into Nomads / Couldn’t bare restricstion, us Nomads Trust we must only in God and then ourselves / Found every route … Continue reading My upcoming book Ham Banjarey Loag

The story of My Beachfront Condo

Everyone has taken Donald Trump’s presidency differently. Some are ecstatic and jubilant while others can’t mourn and howl enough. Here is how I took it…something practical, pragmatic, and if I may brag a little…farsighted. Hey just a little boost to my otherwise bruised ego doesn’t hurt. During a recent trip to Pakistan I bought a home there. So what if I can’t afford a beach … Continue reading The story of My Beachfront Condo

Coffee and Book – Life is Good

Elizabeth Strout’s third book is out and its part of our book club’s 2017 list. I consider myself very fortunate to be part of Plano Library’s book club which has tremendously enriched my life over the last 5 years, introducing me to great books, wonderful authors, and endearing friendships. Yes, books do bring us together. I finished this book overnight (which is quite rare for … Continue reading Coffee and Book – Life is Good