The Wonders of an Aimless Life

Does this title surprise you a little? May be…because you keep getting lectures on living a purposeful life all the time. You go to work or school they teach you how to be a better worker and student, you go to your religious temple, church, mosque, synagogue and get lectured upon becoming a better servant to God. You go to a book store to see lines and lines of books to magically turn you into the most productive human being on the face of earth.

And here I am telling you about and fascinated by the wonders of an aimless life. My dad used to tell the story of a dum kata lomar, a wolf who lost his tail but wasn’t telling anyone about it. He was instead professing that tails are useless and all wolves should get them removed. Everyone was impressed by the speech and almost ready to have their jutting tails chopped when a wise one from the congregation sneaked behind the preacher’s back and pushed him over only to have his missing tail exposed. I guess I am kinda that lomar now. I have quit my job and now professing an (almost) aimless life. This is all according to plan though. Go back to the first ever article of this blog to get some background on it, if you like.


Most of us grow up filled to the brim with philosophies of living a purposeful life. So far I have lived this motto too but seriously I am so done with corporate America. It’s time for me to take a break and a really long one. Here is a strange thing though. Since I quit my job everyone keeps asking me what’s my next plan and they give me a weird look or sigh back when I say that I have no plans. “How can Iffat Anjum, a purposeful-life-personified not have a plan. She has to have something up her sleeves.”No my dears. Not this time. But my answer doesn’t satisfy people. I was discussing this dilemma with my brother the other day and he came up with a jab of a reply. He suggested that when people ask me my next plan I quip back and say “ab mein doosri shadi karoongi kisi millionaire say” (I am going to marry a millionaire now)……..Oh please spare me those suspicious looks! Calm down people, my dear husband is sleeping upstairs blissfully unaware.  Let him be.

I wonder if the born-housewife is ever asked the question as to what her plans are!!! Any idea what she says in response? Since I have never been a housewife I wouldn’t know. Help me out here.

Anyways, these are my warm up musings. Its good to be back at writing. I will try a more meaningful article next time, or do I really have to? Why can’t I enjoy my suddenly found aimlessness and write some aimless posts. There is a study going on in California as to what people would chose to do once their financial needs are met. I guess I would join the study and be a living proof that when people’s financial needs are all met the first thing they do is quit their job and become aimless wanderers and that too with gusto and fervor. 

Adios Amigos.


19 thoughts on “The Wonders of an Aimless Life

  1. I loved it!! Probably, after the kind of lives we have lived there comes a desire for this “aimlessness”. I call it “free living”or “go with the flow”living. If you have an aim for the day, then it can’t be called an aimless life.
    Enjoy and cherish it till your guilt starts working in about this “aimlessness” & puts you back in busy, scheduled & aimed life. 😉


  2. Haaahh your brothers reply is so cool 😁😉 but even hearing that answer they will ask more questions:) why don’t people stop asking questions for sometime atleast


  3. I wish I could tell my mum there’s a research being conducted on my philosophy about life 😂 See mama, Ive had it figured out all along! And glad to see people are realising what a great thing aimlessness is 😁

    Btw ‘since I’ve never been a housewife I…’ is a great sentence which I’m planning on using more often in my conversations.


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