Oh The Poor Malia and Sasha Obama

These days media is expertly portraying Malia and Sasha Obama as victims of circumstances because the White House life was forced upon them. Come on people, it is correct that they didn’t choose to live in the Whitehouse. They had to come with their parents but after all the Whitehouse is not that bad of a place to be in.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the Obamas. In fact I made my husband watch their interview by People Magazine so he can learn how to praise me, like the President praises his wife all the time 🙂 . But here we are talking about showing Malia and Sasha Obama as the poor kids who had no choice but to live in the luxuries of White House. Look at the pictures released by the Bush daughters Jenna and Barbra where both Malia and Sasha can be seen as having fun in the Big House. This reminds me of mine and everyone else’s favorite Royalty Lady Diana who was always portrayed as victim trapped in Buckingham Palace, of all the places in the World. Lady Diana was not forced into this marriage by her oppressive father like they show in many Indian and Pakistani movies and TV dramas. She went into this marriage on her own consent and at the time must have considered herself as the luckiest girl on planet to have married Prince Charles (despite his crooked looks).

Talking about president’s children, both George and Jeb Bush became politicians…oh the poor sons of Senior Bush trapped in the White House. Jenna and Barbra are enjoying their life in and out of limelight too. And so will Chelsea Clinton and Malia and Sasha Obama in the coming days. These are fortunate and wealthy children having net worth of millions or perhaps billions of dollars. And how can one talk about money and not mention our newest President’s grown adult children who can’t wait to be associated with the Governemnt in some way or the other. They are adults and even they are choosing it to be so. The Whitehouse and the Buckingham Palace are not thrusted upon people. Those who aspire to live there, work hard for it and chose to live that life….all of them.

This recent media frenzy about the Obama daughters makes me think about my children. When we moved to US they were just 4, and 5 years old. They lived in Pakistan in a house that their parents fully owned (without mortgage) and they had their own bedrooms. Since we chose to live on our own, right from the beginning after moving to US, our first apartment was a not so clean Queens New York apartment without any furniture whatsoever. My kids who had a closet full of toys back in Pakistan, played with cardboard boxes and kitchen pots and pans. It still pains me to reimagine those scenes but I don’t think they were unhappy. They were kids. They played all day long with borrowed toys while my husband went to work and I prepared for Flight Dispatch exam. Few months down the road we moved out of that place and got them their own toys. Now in their twenties, they still remember and talk about that one-bedroom apartment which they have named “Chooha House” since it had the famous New York rats. I bet many immigrants who bring their children with them can relate to my experience. These children don’t come here by choice. They are rather forced to adopt the lifestyle of their parents. That’s how life is. You play the cards you are dealt.

But of all people, Malia and Sasha Obama, Jenna and Barbra Bush, Chelsea Clinton……or for that matter Benazir and Bilawal Bhutto, Mariam and Shahbaz Sharif……….Oh please, Mr. Historian ….Give me a break. . Stop portraying something that it is NOT!

No doubt, This could only be a first world problem.


3 thoughts on “Oh The Poor Malia and Sasha Obama

  1. Awwww so true! Our childhood was wonderful and so much fun! Who needs a mansion and fancy toys when you can use your brother as a punching bag?

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  2. I agree with you 150% when you say these people worked hard and chose to live this way. Yes, some were once kids who were forced to live the lives their parents decided upon, but here comes Diana’s story….if we look at her ‘tragic life she lived with passion discipline and on her own terms. Isn’t that how she is remembered today? The people’s princess.

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