The story of My Beachfront Condo

Everyone has taken Donald Trump’s presidency differently. Some are ecstatic and jubilant while others can’t mourn and howl enough. Here is how I took it…something practical, pragmatic, and if I may brag a little…farsighted. Hey just a little boost to my otherwise bruised ego doesn’t hurt.

During a recent trip to Pakistan I bought a home there. So what if I can’t afford a beach front condo in Florida, I did it in Karachi…the city of my birth and my dreams. Yes, I am now the owner of a beach front condo in Pakistan. So why did I decide to move my investment to Pakistan? Hmmm a couple of reasons.

Most Muslims are weary that another holocaust may be in the offing. My children have asked me a few times where would we move if we had to. And while they are still soul searching for another place worthy enough for them to call homeland, I being an immigrant did not have to think twice. My answer was Pakistan and to be specific, Karachi where all my family lives. I love the US from the bottom of my heart but if I am ever kicked out I now have a base somewhere else.

It was not an easy decision for me specially keeping in view the enormously expensive real estate in Karachi. Plus, I didn’t even have the luxury of borrowing a mortgage. But this is what the Trump presidency has done. It has made the well settled immigrants like me doubtful and hesitant. We gave our heart and blood thinking this is our land and it may still very well continue to be but it sure has casted the seeds of doubt.

In a Middle School Science classroom, the other day when I was teaching “Osmosis” I asked students to give me a real life example of osmosis. A Mexican boy blurted out “Oh it’s like us Mexicans infiltrating through the US border”. And then a Non-Hispanic student sharply quipped “Oh soon the WALL would stop that osmosis”. Now here is the scientific definition of Osmosis if you wanna see for yourself : Osmosis: A process by which molecules of tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one causing an equilibrium.

I must admit I was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to stop that argument. The  inappropriate topics of yesterday are now out in the open; raw and wild. Our youth is openly dealing with them. Who knows what would happen when they take the reins.

Anyways, back to my new home, when I went to the bank over there to open my first Pakistani bank account in 25 years, the bank manager happily noticed the surge in home sales, home loans, and new bank accounts being opened by Pakistani-Americans since President Trump took office.

I am fortunate to have many choices. My older son wants me to come live with him in Homer, Alaska where he happens to be the only Muslim going to Homer City Council meetings trying to effect a change. Thankfully my youngest going to University of Texas, Austin has a much larger Muslim population who march in peaceful protests together to fight for their right. My daughter and hubby want me to continue living in Dallas for they can’t think of moving anywhere else. Me…. where do I want to live? So far I believed with conviction that US is my Home-Sweet-Home…. but now I don’t know. Thank you Mr. President for making me a home owner in two lands.


6 thoughts on “The story of My Beachfront Condo

  1. Hi there!! So, finally Trump got it done that I could not. Lol!! Seriously, this “riding in two boats” version of our life is so unique. As said a long time ago that “you can take a girl out of Cuba; but can’t take Cuba out of her”, I want to retire in my homeland like returning to your mother’s lap after a long journey. However, it is so difficult to find that homeland that we left two or three decades ago. Even though, I’m happy of new generation moving forward but it looks like we have lost our roots in this upward climb. May be we should start a colony or society of people like us, who understand & share the same dilemma. We, who love friends like family feel out of place when family does not even give us enough warmth as they give to their friends. Or perhaps we have gotten so used to living with people of our taste & choice that now living with some for the sake of blood relations doesn’t seem worth it. Anyhow, you becoming a property owner backhome has kindled some hope for me to realize my dream with you. Love & congrats, Hina.


  2. Hi, this is Amy. I had to drop out of book club due to work, but I still read everything I can, including your blog. I feel so sad and frustrated that good people who were born elsewhere are now feeling scared. It’s not right. It will be a long four years & I too worry about what will happen during this time.


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