My upcoming book Ham Banjarey Loag

My first Urdu poetry book “Hum Banajarey Loag” or  “Us Nomads” is under publication.


Here is the title poem along with its English translation. English translation is just for online audience and will not be part of the book.

Us Nomads

Slowly and Gradually we turned into Nomads / Couldn’t bare restricstion, us Nomads

Trust we must only in God and then ourselves / Found every route on our own, us nomads

Paid the price of freedom all our lives / Even the highest bid couldn’t buy us Nomads

Never liked expensive clothing like Itlas & kamkhwab / Worship Not Wealth us Nomads

Unstoppable to waves of injustice and oppression / Tyranny but surrenders to us Nomads

Startled by the game of hope and despair / Eyes went blind & home all lost us Nomads

Yesterday Ohio Today Dallas & who knows next / Pack stuff and hit the road us Nomads


14 thoughts on “My upcoming book Ham Banjarey Loag

  1. Maa shaa Allah !! Bohat, bohat mubarak! One advantage of reading your translation is that I could differentiate between “bhuleen” and “bhulain” in
    اندہی آنکھیں رستہ بھولیں ھم بنجارے لوگ
    Ask your publusher

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  2. Sorry for some reason I was still writing & it jumped to be posted. Anyway I was saying to put a dash – between andhi ankhain & rasta bhulain.

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  3. Iffat congrats. You have a pure soul and endless thinking. Im happy that we are friends
    Read all of your activities,what would i say .
    Only the system tobe changed toequal rights for vip ameer ghreeb.but there is big but.

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  4. Yayyyy!! I’m so excited for the launch of your book! And more excited to be one of those who have a pre-booked copy 😊


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