The Saga of Facebook and Whatsapp

In as much as we all talk about the harms of being glued to your cell phones, when someone tries to get out of it no one likes it either. Last year my son switched from smart phone to a regular phone and he likes it that way. Yesterday taking inspiration from him I deactivated my Facebook account as well as Whatsapp groups. I wanted to block out social media from my day to day living. But it kinda backfired. Some of my friends were ok with it, some didn’t even notice, and some took it personal and really got mad at me.

I am just shocked at the power of social media over all of us. I knew its powerful but  I had no idea to what extent. Some friends think that I am not their friend anymore while all I did was removed myself from group activities. For past several days there was too much drama going on in my social medial circle and when it started affecting me I thought may be disconnecting myself would bring things back to normal. I still hope it does although it doesnt look that way from the reaction that I am getting so far.

All I want to say is that I am still the same person. Facebook or no facebook….Whatsapp or no Whatsapp I am still me. I am still alive and your friend. Its my third day away from Facebook. First day I really felt the withdrawl symptoms like a big void in my life. The second day I started enjoying it. I went to watch two movies back to back today and didnt feel the pressure of “checking in” to the theater to let people know that I am watching a movie. One thing weird about me is that I feel totally ok going to movie alone; in fact I like it better. What difference does it make who is sitting or not sitting next to you if you are watching a good movie. Somehow I cant watch a movie at home on TV. I always get up in the middle and start doing stuff. Theater, I love. I lose myself into the drama on big screen altogether. So anyways I am happy to report that being away from the social media is working for me so far.

And see how I am freely writing this blog post knowing that I wont be judged on Facebook for what I write here. Ah…big sigh of relief!!!

I hope my friends understand. I know they are doing what they are doing because they love me and I consider myself very fortunate for their love and affection. Eventually they will forgive me and then we will all enjoy our friendships one on one without the pressure of group talk.


4 thoughts on “The Saga of Facebook and Whatsapp

  1. Dear Darling,

    There is this herd mentality nowadays that quite sadly, if abandoned, leads to online bullying, ever more so amongst friends.

    I have never deactivated my social media but I have ignored it for days and at times even for weeks. Truly, it is refreshing and relaxing. And I think everyone deserves a break from whatever that’s bogging them down.

    I too have made similar remarks very recently, that life was a lot better with simpler phones and possibly minus social media.

    But on the flip side, I have also come to realize that I have been extremely fortunate enough to find some phenomenal friends through this medium and I wouldn’t have it otherwise.

    Now my struggle lies with how much of myself do I expose to those people, and how much of those people do I expose to myself… Sigh! 🙂

    I’m glad you’ve found your peace, your way. Rock it, Iffat. If that’s what makes you happy, then so be it.

    Love ‘n Duas… Lubi 🙂


  2. Thank you Awais. I did end up joining FB again because I live in US and keep in touch with my relatives and friends in Pakistan and other parts of the world thru FB. So I was missing that interaction.
    The decision to not join Whatsapp groups is final. I will not join any groups on Whatsapp.

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