Dubai Chalo……and that too with children


Dubai happens to be in my favorite city list. I have been there twice and love its cosmopolitan air, cleanliness, modern transportation system, and above all an openness and acceptance of all cultures. Anyone can wear what they want and be who they are in Dubai. You will see both burqa clad and swim suit wearing women enjoying prestine beaches side by side ….with no issues.

Talking about the Dubai-Karachi travelers, I have noticed a big change duringmy recent travels. The passenger demographics has totally changed. Most of us remember the famous PTV play “Dubai Chalo” where poor Ali Ejaz went to Dubai to earn a living for his his family back in Pakistan. He faced lots of hardships to get there during the travel and even after getting there. In those days Dubai-Karachi flights consisted mostly of labor class traffic. Poor, uneducated, under dressed and even sweaty. But of late I have noticed a new change in the travelers to Dubai. During my recent two trips to Pakistan, there are hardly any laborers, labeled by many as uneducated. A new breed of “parhay likhay jahil” Pakistanis are now travelling to Dubai for leisure and fun. They are mostly 30 and 40 somethings with young children. On my last flight almost half the plane was packed with children and they pretty much all cried in chorus. Parents felt little to no obligation to take care of their children or at least ask them to be quiet. Instead they let them lose in the isles crawling and jumping. While the children freely roamed around the isle disrupting the flight attendants duties and snatching other passengers food, parents had more important things to do like savoring the delicious gourmet lunch / dinner served on board Emirates flights. I feel for the flight attendants. First of all they have to serve food to the entire plane during a short under 2 hours flight and then deal with screaming children. On US flights serving hot meals is not even an option on long haul 6 hours flights.

Thinking back, I would rather sit in the plane full of not-so-educated laborers than these new breed of so called educated, vacationing Pakistanis who are too busy speaking English and devouring food than to pay any attention to their children. No doubts Pakistanis are producing children by the dozens and taking them to Dubai vacations. What amazes me the most is that as soon as this flight lands in US everyone forms a line and starts behaving. I wonder why and how???????????


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