Moviepass and #Metoo


I am debating whether to cancel my Moviepass membership. Couple of months ago I claimed it to be my best purchase ever. And don’t you agree? For just $10 month, a movie buff like me can watch as many movies as they like. I am a fan of cinema. Its a symbol of freedom and justice for me where dreams come true or at least they have a chance. But the #metoo and #time’s up have shattered naive viewers like me. Isn’t it ironic that Hollywood which makes movies on global warming, women’s freedom, political injustice and whatnot is plagued by the highest degree of injustice and inequality itself. The movies which claim to give a huge platform to all the unheard voices turn out to be no less a facade themselves.

And so is the news media. Journalists and reporters cant wait to wash the dirty laundry of politicians in public but is the media free of social injustice. No sir, more and more women are coming out with stories of famous TV and news personalities’ erotic behavior. I was really saddened to see Charlie Rose’s name there. A low key, cool minded, intelligent man, representing cerebral thinking, presenting the voice of reason for years…………And then picture him walking naked (oh alright—almost naked) in front of his staff. All the rationale reporting went out the window for me that day. We all knew what to expect from our President Donald Trump. No one was surprised when his “Access Hollywood” tape got leaked We all kind of knew that he would grab’em by the ——-at any chance but the media was very surprised apparently. Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and all their likes raised a hue and cry about it, only to fall victim to their own Karma a few months later.

Now should I keep my Moviepass membership or let it go? Whether I would feel the surge of emotions at watching a well made film again, I am not sure….at least not yet.

On a lighter note, I wonder if the victims of smoking would start suing the smokers for their health issues next. After all, smoking was as rampant 30 years ago as workplace inequality.  My father was a smoker and looked so Macho and appealing when he smoked that when I got married I asked my hubby to start smoking in front of me in our bedroom. Though they both quit years later, how ironic it would be if I start a #metoo movement against my Dad and hubby for harming me with second hand smoke 🙂 Just an idea for up and coming revolutionaries !!!

This #metoo movement is funny in its own ways, Isn’t it? Who is the victim and who is the enabler…..Lines get blurred at times.


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