He Plans to Walk the Appalachian Trail Again

Republishing this post in solidarity with my son’s plan to walk the southern half of AT this summer. Again I am thinking of walking a portion with him. Last time I wasnt in shape but this year I am walking already to get in shape. Its mostly paved trails walking though. I am still apprehensive and little scared too. What do you say?

Building Bridges

When my elder son Shahmeer went on his solo bicycle trip from Seattle to the Panama Canal he was 19. Saarem, my youngest was 13 then and he grew up listening to those stories. No wonder as soon as he turned 18 he wanted to go on his own trip. And what did he pick……none other than walking the famous Appalachian Trail. He started out in Virginia last month and now has walked hundreds of miles through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Maine is the next and final state and hopefully (Inshallah) in 3 more weeks he will be done walking 1300 miles altogether. Cant wait for my baby to come home.


On and off when he has phone service he shows us the scenic views from hill tops and peaks that he has been summiting so far.  Motivated by Saarem’s excursion, I dusted my…

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