My take on #Metoo

In the wake of #Metoo moments, a working woman like me can’t help but think about her own experiences. I have been in the aviation industry for too long not to notice anything. To no one’s surprise aviation industry whether Pakistan or America is a male dominated industry and run like a “Big Boys Club” according to the “Big Boys” themselves. I started out as … Continue reading My take on #Metoo

Dubai Chalo……and that too with children

Dubai happens to be in my favorite city list. I have been there twice and love its cosmopolitan air, cleanliness, modern transportation system, and above all an openness and acceptance of all cultures. Anyone can wear what they want and be who they are in Dubai. You will see both burqa clad and swim suit wearing women enjoying prestine beaches side by side ….with no … Continue reading Dubai Chalo……and that too with children