My Urdu Poem and its English Translation

Today I present my nazm “Khud Aagahi” and its English translation “Self Realization”. Translation : Self Realization The sun shines upon the earth only for me Full moon shines so bright only for me Every droplet of rain falls in my name Flowers bloom and perfume only for me ***** Singers chant their melodies only for me Painters paint their colors only for me I … Continue reading My Urdu Poem and its English Translation

Pursuit of Happiness

  Pursuit of Happiness comes after just Life and Liberty in the American declaration of Independence dated as far back as 1776. So naturally because of its high importance there is this $10 billion strong self-help books and media industry to support this pursuit. People read self-help books about any and all topics. Be it the Chicken soup for soul series or Living a purposeful life duo. … Continue reading Pursuit of Happiness

Forever Wooing American Men

  Even at the somber event honoring Dallas Police Officers, President Obama, in his opening impromptu remark, thanked his stars that he met Michelle before Stevie Wonder could or else she would marry Stevie. The audience bursted into laughter (Do watch the clip if you missed it). This is not the first time President Obama has shown sense of pride that Michelle agreed to marry … Continue reading Forever Wooing American Men